A Lifeboat of a Year

From Achewood's recent, semi-regular letter to readers:
We find ourselves in straitened circumstances indeed, don't we? Every day a car wash sits idle; every day a taco gets halfway to a mouth but then the purchaser thinks no, no, I cannot do this. The taco is put back on the plate. The car rolls on in relative filth, its dashboard (particularly the area around the steering column) dusted with cuticle dander and atmospheric motes. Verily, the driver gets a taco at Taco Bell, which is actually cheaper than a real taco. This land is your land, this land is mine.

I hope that those of you who straddle the twin lips of the crevasse between WTF and OMG can make a break for either camp and parts beyond. I hope we stop scaring each other into groupthink hoarding. I hope we enjoy each day with a hot or cold beverage and a sweet or savory dish.

Thank you for reading, and as I ramp Achewood back up into a fairly steady mode of production, I hope you continue to enjoy the work. It'll be what it'll be, and it is my hope that as long as I have a laugh, you have a laugh.

Best wishes on a lifeboat of a year,

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Dear MusicStrikeSquadAlpha compatriots:

raysimoto has graciously agreed to be my CD depot. Please just give my CDs to her, and I'll arrange to get them from her. Hopefully, this will simplify everyone's life.

Yours in audiophilia,
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The Wasteland Comedy Hour with T.S. Eliot, now online!

Livejournal! All seven episodes of The Wasteland Comedy Hour with T.S. Eliot are now online! You can check them out again, or for the first time, right here. Sometimes I think that my dream career is simply to bring the variety show back with a cantankerous, literary asshole at the center of it all...

Sorry for the multiple messages, e-friends!

A few things!

I'm not even going to promise to write here more anymore, but it is something of a goal. So here are some things I'm thinking about:

* Does movie tie-in marketing work for anyone anymore? Are you more likely to buy the Reese's Pieces with The Dark Knight on it? Personally, I can only use it as a much larger Expiration Date indicator. I will not be picking up the There Will Be Blood 2 % milk, for instance.

* Know people in Rochester who like to hire? I'm interested!

* Livejournal might crumble and fall into the sea! Where are you thinking of heading? A big boy blog? Vox? Just Twitter? These are important questions!
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Travis Morrison Make Out Blog, Part ?

raysimoto is known to ask whether pandas or koalas are cuter. Well, I just dug up an interview with my favoritest musician ever, Travis Morrison, in which he's asked the same question. Behold the awesomeness of his answer below:

OK, one more thing. Which do you think is cuter, koalas or pandas?

This is a hard one, as you must know. I struggle with this a lot. Koalas sleep like 20 hours a day, and also will tear your ass up if you bother them. And then go back to sleep, I guess. And when a cute animal's usual M.O. is drowsy passivity, but can be provoked into devastating violence... well that's just like turbo cuteness, to me. In animals, and honestly, in people too. I don't think panda bears have this kind of game, so I'll go with koalas.

Also, can we agree that Kung-Fu Panda is like the wire-mommy filled with cotton candy? That movie was so totally awesome, but waaaaaay too short! Why did it withhold when there were clearly more goodies to be had?!

Also, I watched "The Simpsons Movie" today and it confirmed for me that 2008 was kind of a dull year for movies. There was a lot to like, but also a lot of flat-footed gags that made you long for a monorail salesman.